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Hey everyone...

Wow, 2009 is already gone!!
Can you believe it?
The days aren't walking, they are running and, what have we done with our lives?!

Well, each New Year brings to us the "renovation feeling", new promises, new wishes, new dreams... and it would be amazing if this feeling would be with us everyday, but the routine comes, the rush too...

... and we forget all the dreams, wishes and promises we made in the New Year's Eve!!

I really hope this "renovation feeling" stay in ours lives everyday with much strenght, hope, passion and creativity to follow all the good things that life has for us, because we can do everything we want.

But of course, I'll do my want list and, at least, once a month I wanna check it, but first of all:

BE HAPPY and don't forget the people which helped you and made you happy.

Who lives in the past is the museum, so DON'T HOLD A GRUDGE AGAINST SOMEBODY, these feelings just stop us. And don't suffer in advance, just live the present because tomorrow just God knows what will happen.

You can be sure, what you sow, you reap!

PRACTICE GOOD DEEDS at least once a week, it will be wonderful for you.

Well, on my want list I'm gonna include more acts and less words.
What are you gonna wish this New Year or try to change? Comment with us!

Happy New Year guys!!

Wish you the best and victories!!

(I'm gonna finish with an wonderful video from Nick Vujicic; it's really inspired! Check out!)


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