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(Wow, how long without my blog!!
Days ago I was watching some...
Ok, ok!! A lot of teenager movies - yes, sometimes I like them - and suddenly, some ideas came in my mind.)


Everybody has one, two... a lot of them!!

And what are you doing to reach them?
Dreaming is good, planning is great but acting is much better. We learn the theory to use them but there are people which just remain in the theory...

Everyone has the posibility of growth and achievements..., some of them for easy ways and other, for hard ways but everyone has the chance of seeing their star shining!!!

You can't blame the people around you for your own failures..., anyone told it would be easy, even God. But He supports us, give us strenght, faith, passion, inspiration, creativity and many surprises. Nowadays most of people wants things for "yesterday"...
Slow down!!! Everything which is easy, it goes easy... have you heard it? Well it's not just theory, it's a fact!!

So..., what are you doing here?
Raise up! Stop reading! Work!
I'm kidding!!! hahahahahaha

And listen...
Better, don't listen "dark" people, they have a such poor soul!! I'm speaking about those people which are always saying:

- This is a madness, forget it!!
- Are you crazy? You want so much...
- You dream so high..., silly!!
- That's impossible, you should be a little bit real...

All those people are watching the amazing spectacle of life on the backstage. I bet you don't want to watch this big spectacle on the backstage, right?
I want to do part of this show..., who knows..., maybe the "star"?!

Hahaha, ok, ok!!

I can summarize this message in 3 words: dream+faith+action

The life is amazing and God gave us!
How many people wanting days, weeks or more years to enjoy this gift which we have..., so  enjoy the most you can!!
If your purposes are good, honest and they don't harm anyone...
God knows all hearts, so, go ahead and DO your best and BE the best!!

Kisses everybody!!

[Michele, I'm so happy for you!! You have no idea..., I'm so surprise!! You deserve the best from the God!! Much joy in this new phase... Ms. Michele!! We miss you a lot!!]

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