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Hey everyone...

Wow, 2009 is already gone!!
Can you believe it?
The days aren't walking, they are running and, what have we done with our lives?!

Well, each New Year brings to us the "renovation feeling", new promises, new wishes, new dreams... and it would be amazing if this feeling would be with us everyday, but the routine comes, the rush too...

... and we forget all the dreams, wishes and promises we made in the New Year's Eve!!

I really hope this "renovation feeling" stay in ours lives everyday with much strenght, hope, passion and creativity to follow all the good things that life has for us, because we can do everything we want.

But of course, I'll do my want list and, at least, once a month I wanna check it, but first of all:

BE HAPPY and don't forget the people which helped you and made you happy.

Who lives in the past is the museum, so DON'T HOLD A GRUDGE AGAINST SOMEBODY, these feelings just stop us. And don't suffer in advance, just live the present because tomorrow just God knows what will happen.

You can be sure, what you sow, you reap!

PRACTICE GOOD DEEDS at least once a week, it will be wonderful for you.

Well, on my want list I'm gonna include more acts and less words.
What are you gonna wish this New Year or try to change? Comment with us!

Happy New Year guys!!

Wish you the best and victories!!

(I'm gonna finish with an wonderful video from Nick Vujicic; it's really inspired! Check out!)


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(Wow, how long without my blog!!
Days ago I was watching some...
Ok, ok!! A lot of teenager movies - yes, sometimes I like them - and suddenly, some ideas came in my mind.)


Everybody has one, two... a lot of them!!

And what are you doing to reach them?
Dreaming is good, planning is great but acting is much better. We learn the theory to use them but there are people which just remain in the theory...

Everyone has the posibility of growth and achievements..., some of them for easy ways and other, for hard ways but everyone has the chance of seeing their star shining!!!

You can't blame the people around you for your own failures..., anyone told it would be easy, even God. But He supports us, give us strenght, faith, passion, inspiration, creativity and many surprises. Nowadays most of people wants things for "yesterday"...
Slow down!!! Everything which is easy, it goes easy... have you heard it? Well it's not just theory, it's a fact!!

So..., what are you doing here?
Raise up! Stop reading! Work!
I'm kidding!!! hahahahahaha

And listen...
Better, don't listen "dark" people, they have a such poor soul!! I'm speaking about those people which are always saying:

- This is a madness, forget it!!
- Are you crazy? You want so much...
- You dream so high..., silly!!
- That's impossible, you should be a little bit real...

All those people are watching the amazing spectacle of life on the backstage. I bet you don't want to watch this big spectacle on the backstage, right?
I want to do part of this show..., who knows..., maybe the "star"?!

Hahaha, ok, ok!!

I can summarize this message in 3 words: dream+faith+action

The life is amazing and God gave us!
How many people wanting days, weeks or more years to enjoy this gift which we have..., so  enjoy the most you can!!
If your purposes are good, honest and they don't harm anyone...
God knows all hearts, so, go ahead and DO your best and BE the best!!

Kisses everybody!!

[Michele, I'm so happy for you!! You have no idea..., I'm so surprise!! You deserve the best from the God!! Much joy in this new phase... Ms. Michele!! We miss you a lot!!]

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The lack of...

I was wondering if I should write something here. Maybe it was just me messing up with my mind.However, when I read my friend's profile, I realized that that was not the case.
The friend's profile said:
"Astonished by the huge amount of people that only care about themselves, clubbing and partying and barely think about anybody except themselves..."

After that I'm here. Well...

... some weeks ago, I was shopping downtown and suddenly I started to look the people around me.
Some of them were running, others walking, talking, working. However everyone had an empty look.

You must know what I mean.
Do you know when someone look at you but he doesn't really see you?
Do you know when someone hear you but he doesn't really listen to you?

(Yes, there are differences...)

It's hard to explain...
After that I realized many people miss something and don't really know what.

Personally I think some people miss intimacy and profundity.These days everybody is in a hurry.
They study, work, meet lots of people. They date and break up. They travel and go back home. They sleep and wake up...
and in this rush, who is the one that finds time to do everything?

The lack of depth in each look... in each hug... in every word.
The lack of intimacy with the family... with the friends... in the relationships.
The lack of passion... Passion!!

Have you ever seen that person who unveils passion in his eyes, acts and words?
Probably not! Those people are hard to find.

Nowadays people travel, party, drink, kiss and smoke. And in the next day they wake up with an empty sensation, an empty feeling. Nothing is enough!! Ops!! Hey, I love parties and trips!! I like of being surrounded by people. I love having fun...

But what I mean is that there are many people who jump from party to party trying to fill something that is missing. If you don't have an intimate and profound life, I'm sorry, but those things will just indulge you briefly.

I think this is the right time for some people to learn how to live a true life.

The joy isn't only in your own pleasure or in your own satisfaction. It can be in the happiness of another person that you may not even know. It may be in your friend's sucess, on a sunny day (or on a rainy day, maybe), in a moment of peace...

This year I wish an year full of profundity and intimacy for everyone. Because this world is already full of superficiality. I also wish health, joy, a lot of peace, faith (in God or in other things that you believe), strength and creativity in order for you to reach all your goals and overcome your obstacles with wisdom. I believe that, with all those things, being successful and earning money will be just a consequence.

I hope in this year you find the happiness not only in your own pleasure but also helping to other people.

Help who really needs. Cry along with somebody. Smile for the success of another person. Give food for the hungry and enjoy eating with him!! Go to church (or just stay home) and thank for the beautiful person that you are. Appreciate life, food, friends, college... There are many poor people that are more gratefull than you.

Be there. Make the difference this year. Don't be one more person but do the difference.
Change this world or at least your home, family, friends... Do something with real passion.
My real motivation and passion is Jesus..., try to find yours...

God bles.

See you!

Ps.: And now I finish with ONE (ha) of my favorites songs. It's a U2's music, very famous!


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Hi there!! Are you fine?
I hope so!! I hope you've done a good travel, it doesn't matter the destiny.
My travel have been very interesting, and I am sure that all the time I return to my world that will be here, in this page, in these words, I'll return different...
A little more plump; or inverse; a little more distant, or present; every day will be a story...
That's good! Because it's how the things have to work, right?
Aw, I have to speak about my impatience for universal dialogues, practical and mechanical from everyday life. For example, when we meet someone wich we don't see a some time. The dialogue for everyone, it's always summed up in the same question and in the same answer:

- Hey, how are you? How about the work, the life?
- Great and you?
- Wow, you look so good!
- Thanks.
- Hey, are you fine?
- So so...

Seriously, with sincerity, please. How many times we use these and other dialogues, with the truthful intention to know about the other? This education arrest our real possibility to know the other. This approach is false.
We let go words in the wind, all the time. This is our way to live, we don't know anyone, we hide ourselfs behind these phrases, these words, this education. And if someone "kick the bucket" and decide being 100% honest..., he will be rude, selfish, masked - when the real masked, it's who open to you a great smile, mechanical, polite. I don't want this education with me, I want sincerity, just say if you really feel desire. Just ask, if you have interest. If not, stay quiet. For sure, my sincere respect you will have.
I am speaking that, because I am like that, more introspective, quiet, observing and I realized that sometimes we act with some cynicism, robotic, shackled.
And there is who do also part of this puppets' show. But I am tired, I resigned myself. I'll just smile when I really feel desire! We criticize those who speak too much. We criticize those who speak for less...
That's so boring!! Must have a balance? What bullshit. We were introduced in these concepts since we were born. It's not everyone that fit in this paradigm, but like everybody is like that, for us don't be outside, we finish slaves of out own prejudice. But do you want to know?
Then I'll be outside because my truth today is that there isn't better education than be sincere.
I am Marta, you are Carol, he is John. Who are you? Find out!!
Nobody can tell you, and don't let nobody tell you, the people will always have their perception in relation to you, but who are really you, just God and you can tell. Then find out youself, understand yourself, be yourself, educate youself, relate to the word with the way you want. If the world understand, that's good. If not, respect yourself, for sure, the world will respect you. And the world will have to respect you because it's your world, your truth, and for it will be worth. This world it's important.
But don't  forget to respect too.
The sincerity is the truth, that lack a little, or a lot, in each look, in each word, in each handshake.
I don't do part of the world, I do part of the truth.
Aw, don't forget to smile! Look and realize this smile in the small or big details. Inside you there is a honest and big smile, always ready to turn out to be.
Aw, aw, aw, with truth to you, that understand me here, agree or disagree, but respect the madness of the other.
I'll smile, even without joke; I'll cry, even without sadness, I'll love, even without reason to do that.
Be yourself, what you want, but don't do wickedness, don't be coward, do goodness, be yourself.
I am in a radical phase - I know - because the life it's not just poetry, and we come across colleagues all the time, where the "mechanism" reigns - and sometimes, it's necessary. For this reason, it's important to know, who is who in this story.
But anything stops you to have personality, to be yourself, even in an artificial conversation, boring but necessary.
But when there is no this necessity. Be free, always (when you can)!

And don't forget: the inteligence is also very important in this all story, for this reason, there's no point in "kicking the bucket" and to be dumb, capisci? Well, this is what a person that speaks to you humbly it's trying, as others, to learn!!

That's all. Thanks for the patience.
And I desire faith, a lot of faith to everyone.
Sincere kisses,

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For the girls..., and also guys. :]

Women are like apples on trees.

The best are at the top.
The men didn't want to reach those good apples, because they are afraid to fall and hurt themselves.
So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them when, actually, THEY are wrong ...
They have to wait a little to get the right man, one who is brave enough to climb to the top of the tree.

(by Machado de Assis)


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Do this:

Change today..., and also tomorrow. Wake up early or if you are used to it, wake up late. Cook! Create! And eat what you ever ate! Start to like. Don't have enemies and if they can't be your friends, make them known! Give your best race in the late afternoon. If you wish, eat a chocolate. Don't afflict in front of the mirror. Move! Make the things change. Don't expect the other, take initiative. Just do, don't imagine doing. Never mind the talk, hope and prospect, for the time being. It will be good for you. Maybe you like the idea and start to do it frequently.
Do what you never did. Who knows?
Perhaps dancing with your friends until 2am in the street and if this is nothing..., stay in the street and in the bus station all night because you forgot the time when you were in the Conference..., well it was worth. Search a ice cream store close to you and when you see, you are swimming at night at beach. Walk for 8 hours. Yeah, you'll have almost a heart attack in the last climb, but your reward is waiting for you with a beautiful sight. Go to the beach with your friends. Maybe not many days but your best days. It will be my best days. And after your legs are better, my eyes open and my face back to normal..., I promise I'll be ready again.

The best time is coming!!

Enjoy your life!!
Have a nice week.


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Do you know what is one of the happiness' secrets?

Always act with a " child soul"!
See the children playing, they fight and later, they are playing together again, like if nothing had happened. This way of not save resentment is the biggest example we can withdraw the "soul child "and keep within us like a recipe to be happy.
When do we lose the purity?
When we assume that it is best to be "adult".
What from this or that date, we will tranform ourselves in a responsible and serious people.
And, it seems that, be serious is to close the face to the world, stepping on people, compete in school, in traffic, work, love, for money...
Do like the children: give without expecting anything in return. Love truly, without asking for rewards. Forgive always, be that person who extends a hand to help.

From today,


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*Because I found myself in U*